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Blackjack 77 is your guide to finding a reliable blackjack online casino. All gambling sites have been carefully reviewed and tested by our team. We evaluated casino reliability, the chances of winning, sizes of bonuses, variety of games and the speed of payouts of your winnings. Would you like to play blackjack for real money or improve your skills using blackjack demo games? Check out these most recommended sites to play:

Fortunately you have discovered this site to play best blackjack games and compare safe casinos. Casinos that are listed on Blackjack77 offer high quality gaming experience, respect your privacy and pay out your winnings quickly. However, there are many differences. Some casinos may offer Live Casino games, others have Sports Betting and wide selection of bonuses. You are welcome to choose!

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Classic Blackjack

Classic Blackjack

Blackjack with live dealer

Classic Blackjack

Welcome to the website dedicated to the exciting blackjack card game! Here you can find useful information and basic concepts to help beginners understand the basics. Professionals will find interesting information, in order to play blackjack more confident and win more often. Users can test their strength in the free blackjack game and play for real money with live dealers. Online casinos offer higher payouts, in contrast to terrestrial facilities. Moreover, you don't have to go, it's enough to take a laptop, sit comfortably at home and plunge into the world of online entertainment.

Free blackjack games

  • Classic Blackjack

    Classic Blackjack

  • European Blackjack

    European Blackjack

  • Blackjack Multihand VIP

    Blackjack Multihand VIP

  • Blackjack Switch

    Blackjack Switch

  • Pontoon


  • Blackjack perfect pairs

    Blackjack perfect pairs

  • Progressive Blackjack

    Progressive Blackjack

  • Super Fun 21

    Super Fun 21


Mobile gambling on Android or iOS devices

Gambling from your mobile devices is an easy and convenient way to enjoy online gambling. The largest selection of games is still offered for computers, however more than 80% of casino games are offered on mobiles (iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry). Nowadays mobile devices are used more often than personal computers. Some games, however, might have less vivid graphics and sound on mobiles. Thankfully, the technologies continue to develop and there is a great variety of professional blackjack games that could be played on smartphones. If you want to play blackjack for real money, you can play at the verified casinos listed on this site.

Blackjack. Short review

Blackjack Online - is a virtual version of the real card game, which is one of the most popular in the world. Blackjack has become a modern version of a Spanish card Ventiuna entertainment. Translated, it sounds like the name of 21. The main difference with Blackjack is that the game does not use the card's values from eight to nine.

Today, blackjack 21 game is loved by millions of players around the world, and while its popularity is just beginning to gain momentum. Despite the fact that blackjack gambling offered even in the first American casinos, the game was originally less common compared to poker. Some casinos offer a bigger payout, while others were given bonuses for certain combinations of cards.

Most professional players believe the only blackjack game that offers a chance to beat the casino. Practical system of card counting in blackjack, allowing us to obtain an advantage, has been made available to the public in the early 1960s. It so happened that a few players really learned how to beat the representative of gambling establishments, because the conditions are constantly changing. Some institutions use more than one deck at a time or cut a certain percentage of cards that players have been harder to count them. Many people do not have the patience, perseverance and concentration needed to increase efficiency. But with the right approach, you can achieve good results, having studied the basic strategy, combinations, doubling and separating cards. A bit of time spent on training a good game, can help to save personal funds.

Since then, as the game became virtual, the majority of people can play it, because now it can be available from the comfort of your home, using a computer or a smartphone.

Play blackjack online means spending time with pleasure, to master basic strategy, study the meanings of the cards and safely go for a game table. In online casino blackjack allows you not to think about other players because the competition is conducted only with the dealer. In turn, his actions are strictly defined by rules. The dealer can not make personal decisions, as opposed to players. In this case, customers can use all sorts of tactical moves and strategies to consistently beat the dealer.

The aim of the game

There are many varieties, but the main goal of the game is easy to understand. At the start, participants receive two cards. In the process, you can request the card to collect the required combination. The key point is to collect 21 points, this results in a victory. If in the course of a game the player is not able to collect the required number of points, he tries to gain a number of points that is closest to the number that dealer has.

Many casinos allow to play blackjack for free to learn the rules and strategies. The demo version is complete and functionally different from a paid game, while the player is not required to spend personal funds.

Usually blackjack is played with real money, but you should be very careful with it if you don’t know the rules and basic strategy. If you choose one of the modern varieties, it is necessary to pay attention to additional conditions, in addition to the basic rules. It is also recommended to learn a few strategies of the game and not to ignore the advice of experienced players. Each casino has its percentage advantage, and it must also be considered.

Blackjack requires practice, so the more you play it, the more productive will be the result. Modern online casinos offer multiple versions of the game. The basic rules are the same, but some details may differ, for example, the presence of combinations that increase or vice versa, reduce the player's chances of winning. Just at the moment there are more than ten varieties of games.

In general, online blackjack game has several unique features:

  • the game has no trump cards, the suit of cards does not matter;
  • the players do not play against each other, their main opponent is the dealer;
  • You can increase the chances of winning by mastering card counting.

Blackjack casino software is provided by leading software companies from around the world. Depending on the provider there may be different rules and payouts, so you better check it in advance.

A few key benefits of Playing Blackjack Online

Blackjack - the most sought-after in the world of gambling entertainment. With the development of the Internet and the emergence of a large number of online services, the fans began to prefer it’s online version. Playing blackjack online has the following features:

  • Bids. The online version of Blackjack gives the possibility to bet 0.01 denominated in currency, so even those who do not have a large bankroll can enjoy the game. In contrast, in the land-based casinos the minimum bet is 5 monetary units.
  • Ability to play a few hands. Online blackjack gives users access to use from 1 to 5 hands. This strategy greatly increases the probability of winning.
  • Rules. Online casinos offer the opportunity to make additional bets and use advanced features.
  • Speed. In online blackjack, you can manually adjust the process from the control panel. Available auto preserving personal time, because they do not have to wait until each bet and the dealer will distribute the cards.
  • Shuffle in the new party. The virtual version of the deck is shuffled after each hand, so reducing the risk of being cheated.
  • Online casinos often offer users generous bonuses, loyalty programs and a higher average gain. With their help, you can play a few games for free, receive an additional prize and participate in tournaments.

Blackjack online for real money

Many players today give preference to online blackjack. First of all it is a comfortable process, especially when using real money. Online blackjack offers lower limits for the lowest possible rates, so access to the full version is available even for beginners with a small budget. Betting real money is a real sense of excitement, competition, the desire to beat the dealer and win more. Playing blackjack online for real money, you can try different variations. This option is particularly useful when the standard version of the game seems usual, and there is a desire to try other versions.

Concepts of blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most simple, but interesting card games. It has a lot of nuances. Choosing the best online blackjack, it is necessary to remember the main rule of this game, which remains the same - you need to collect more points than the dealer, but without going over 21. Cards with value from two to ten have corresponding value, Jack, Queen and King - ten points, and ace - eleven or one, depending on which card is still in the hands of the player.

For you to have confidence in real-money bets, it is recommended to use a demo version where you can play blackjack for free.

Number of players

Blackjack game begins when all the participants gather and make a bet. The game is played against a representative of the casino (the dealer). The maximum possible number of players is limited to boxes on the table.


Bet amount

The size of interest rates depends on the selected table. In live casinos the most common ranges are: 5-10, 25-500, 50-1000 dollars. Online casino allows you to put a much smaller amount. You may play blackjack with rates of 0.01 to the selected currency unit. For this reason, playing blackjack online for money is less risky than playing in landbased casinos.

The advantage of online casino

Revenue of gambling establishment and payouts (House Edge) - these are the basic parameters reflecting the probability of winning. There is a misconception that the size of payments to online casinos affect the final winnings. House Edge is determined by a special formula


The basis is the total casino profit it deducted from all advanced payments for the entire period. The average size of the gains from the received amount will display how often the online casino gives you a chance to win at the tables. If both parameters are known, it is easy to determine the game with the highest odds of winning. Statistically, Blackjack offers the highest chance of winning, because the overall proportion of payment in the world is 98.9%.


Blackjack game - it is a combination of the first distributed cards, giving a total of 21 points. In this case, a lucky player receives the full amount of the bet with the additional promotion. Most often in online casinos with blackjack winnings on a hand after the initial distribution is payable under the scheme 3 to 2. This means that the customer receives the original bet amount and an additional half of that denomination. 3 to 2 is the best payment scenario and you can often get a winning number of points immediately after the delivery.

For example, the rate is $100, and after the first delivery in the hands turned 21 points, the prize will be $150. Some casinos open tables, where to play blackjack online for money is necessary for the system of 6 to 5. This means that for every situation with the client that has blackjack will receive a smaller sum. In this case, at a rate of $100 prize will be $120, so to maximize the winning amount it is necessary to avoid tables that offer a similar condition. All the rules are similar to classic, but in 6 to 5 scenario players will receive much less money.

Blackjack Strategy

Playing blackjack for money, beginners are surprised that in this game you should not try to guess the card. All decisions should not be taken lightly and abruptly. Blackjack money differs from other card games that have luck factor brought to the forefront. But still you need to have specific skills and be able to understand the theory of probability, that will usually beat the dealer.

The main strategy of blackjack is considered to be effective only in the case when the dealer is unable to take spontaneous decisions based on the available combinations.

In order to successfully play blackjack for money, you can use the basic strategy. The dealer always receives one card face up. He can not change the rules and decisions, so every time to be certain rules. The user can easily find out what the dealer will do in this situation.

Blackjack Rules

The classic rules of blackjack are quite simple. The process involves the participation of the dealer and several opponents. The game is played against the dealer, and begins after the completion of all bets. In the game of blackjack can be used multiple decks of cards. The standard casinos use 6 decks, consisting of a total of 312 cards (without jokers).

Then there is the distribution - the dealer gives 2 cards at present. By itself, the "Blackjack" - is the sum of the 21 points collected from the first delivery. Most often it is ten and ace. All picture cards are valued at 10 points, and the other given points according to their nominal value: Six - 6 points, seven - 7 points, and so on. If the player gets the first hand at the blackjack hand, its rate will be paid three to two. That is, the initial amount will be increased by half.

Blackjack Game Variations

The most popular variations of blackjack:

  • American Blackjack. The most common form of blackjack online is often considered classic. The main feature is that the dealer takes his hole card. This occurs before the player taking the final decision.
  • The European Blackjack. The dealer does not get his hole card as long as the player decides to draw. There are more restrictions on various aspects of gameplay than in the US and classical versions.
  • Vegas Strip. The game is played on the classic rules, uses 4 decks. They are shuffled after each hand. If the dealer gets an ace or ten, he can draw a blackjack and win the round. After assessing the cards in his hand, and knowing that the dealer has 17 points, the player has the right to stay, double down or use insurance.
  • Blackjack Switch. Players can play two hands and use them separately. Rules are allowed to switch or swap a second card that was given for each hand.
  • Perfect Pairs. Before the distribution of cards, players are offered an additional bet on the perfect pair. If the first two cards have the same value, the bet wins.

Card counting

Having proper knowledge and skills any novice player can win much more often thab the dealer. Take some time to study all the nuances. Card counting technique really helps to beat the casinos. The essence is to track the relationship between the cards with high and low values, which makes it possible to estimate the benefit of the player and the dealer in the game. This information can be used for more effective management of bets. Players will have the advantage if the deck is mainly composed of a high nominal value cards. With more cards of minor significance dealer will collect the winning combinations more frequently. Ability to count provides an opportunity to feel confident in blackjack, play and beat opponents at the table.

To master card counting one does not need special mathematical skills. Besides, card counting is not considered illegal activity in the casino. However, the administration of land institutions do not support the tactics of the game, since the calculation of the players gain an advantage, and a casino may have losses. Employees of the casino always check the clients that can theoretically use counting techniques.

This method is hardly applicable to the online version, as cards are dealt using a random number generator, an automatic system that shuffles the cards after each hand. Not always all the cards used in the drawing are removed from the deck. Unlike land-based casinos, where they are removed from play, and that continues only with the cards that are left in shuze.

How to win and increase your chances to win

The game Blackjack has simple rules and a number of important points that must be considered to increase the chances of winning. There are a list of errors that often make the casino visitors. First of all you should not rely solely on intuition, it is best to use a strategy by taking into account all the rules and nuances. Intuition and advices of others are bad assistants in gambling. Next you need to learn how to use your bankroll, unreasonable lowering and raising rates will not lead to favorable results. Changing the size of the bet is worth only if it is provided to this strategy or a game situation.

How to play blackjack safely

To play blackjack online safely, one should pay careful attention to the selection of the playing area. The chances that the player will win are growing in parallel with the way the house edge is reduced. Some clubs offer offline and online RTP (return to player) over 100%. In this case, the advantage is entirely on the player's side. However, you should not be pleased with the confidence that you will win for sure, it is important to use strategy, know the rules and conditions blackjack. Also pay attention to the range of rates which provides casino, convenience of the interface and casino reputation.

Safe blackjack game requires the client to comply with a few simple rules:

  • Follow the bankroll. Before the start you need to clearly identify the amount that can be spent on bets. You should not go beyond the established limits.
  • Do not try to win back your losses.
  • Do not play the last money. It is important to monitor the balance and do not make big bets.
  • Examine the basic strategy. Before you start you need to become familiar with the basic concepts and tactics.
  • Play wisely. You can not just bet high amounts, without an overall assessment of the situation at the table.
  • Find out the percentage of casino winnings. The so-called House Edge indicator helps you understand how often the game gives you to win in the casino selected.
  • Be careful with insurance. This option is suitable only for advanced users who are well versed in all aspects and have mastered the technique of counting cards.

And finally, one more tip - always look for the most advantageous variants of the game.


  • It is true that blackjack online for money is totally dependent on luck?

    The simple answer is - no. Definitely, there is a significant portion of luck, because the results will always be to some extent dependent on the dealt cards. This is something that no one can influence, at least, without cheating. However, the results of blackjack online for money is also directly related to personal skills and selected strategy.

  • Playing blackjack single deck better than blackjack with multiple decks?

    Blackjack game with a deck will have a smaller House Edge as with multiple decks. However, casinos usually change the rules in favor of other games with a single deck. For example, they can reduce the payment for 21 points.

  • Can other players actions affect the outcome of the game?

    No. However, some players believe that others can influence their chances of winning. However, opponents actions at the table had no effect on the expectation game. This can be verified by playing a couple of games of blackjack online for free.

  • Are blackjack games in online casinos fair?

    Yes, all black jack versions are completely fair, whether you play online or at a brick-and-mortar casino. An automated algorithm makes sure that the games you experience are always fair and produce unbiased outcomes. Third-party regulators verify most online casino blackjack.

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